Words from Organiser

Chairman's words

Mr. Kevin Yeung, 


Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA)

The Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA) is recognised as a well-established professional organisation of the Hong Kong fashion design sector. Devoted to promoting professionalism across the sector, HKFDA believes that fashion practitioners need to strive for excellence, thereby enhancing their competitiveness for future challenges.


HKFDA would like to hereby express our gratitude to Ms Janet Cheung, Fashion Design Consultant/ Creative Director, for launching the Fashion Atelier Certificate Programme (FACP). Janet contributes as the Chief Curator and Project Director of this high-level programme. She is responsible for positioning, planning, and developing current and future professional master programme series. For many years, she has been advocating and cultivating refined and sophisticated technical knowhow for the Hong Kong fashion industry. Having extensive knowledge in international qualifications and global connections in the fashion field, she has referred and invited world-renowned top Master to teach this programme, bringing great pride and honour to the HKFDA.


HKFDA highly appreciates CreateHK of the HKSAR for providing full funding support to the FACP programme. The Programme’s accomplishment is, in no doubt, hinged on the collective contribution of our co-organiser Hong Kong Design Institute, various fashion professional organisations / educational institutions, and our working team. HKFDA is sincerely grateful for the tremendous support and recognition from these aforesaid parties for paving the way to the Programme’s success.

Chief Curator’s Words


Ms Janet Cheung

Chief Curator & Project Director

Fashion Atelier Certificate Programme (FACP)

Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA)

Throughout my entire career as a fashion designer/Consultant in (both the local and international) fashion industry, I have consistently advocated the importance of creativity combining with technical flair as the key ingredient in achieving a fully professional collection, as well as to be up to par with the international market.


In fact, a good technical team of skilled pattern cutters/craftsmen could make or break a design collection. Where good cut with flair could upgrade simple designs, substandard techniques could reduce good designs into mediocre collections.

That said, I have often been amazed by a lot of the stakeholders in the local fashion industry at their lack of value placed on the importance of refined techniques and its practitioners. Moreover, Hong Kong young designers are trained with much emphasis on creativity, but the technical flair have not been given equal importance as an essential key to realize their talents.

Thus, with the aim to foster the awareness and skills of the local fashion and creative industries as well as to cultivate the current and future generations of fashion creators, the HKFDA/FACP has designed the Master Programme to engage international masters with world class professional skills and integrity to furnish and upgrade the ESSENTIAL technical skills of local designers and technical professionals.  The FACP also aspires to raise and promote the awareness of the importance in the cut and skills advancement to the fashion industry at large and to give it the RESPECT it deserves. In addition, the dynamic sharing of expertise and technical know-how amongst international masters and local professionals during the FACP exchange would also strengthen the cohesion within the fashion industry while reflecting the PROFESSIONAL artisan spirit.

Let us hope that this is the beginning of a series of international master programmes to be organised by the HKFDA/FACP, with the continuous support from the HKSAR Government, and most importantly, the local fashion industry.