London Savile Row Academy in Hong Kong 
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London Savile Row Academy
in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA) debuted the first Fashion Atelier Certificate Programme (FACP) in June/July 2022. Andrew Ramroop OBE, international Bespoke Master from the London Savile Row Academy (SRA), is engaged to deliver two 64-hour Savile Row Academy (SRA) Certificate Courses, including the Menswear’s and the Womenswear’s Pattern Drafting, Cutting, Fitting & Tailoring courses.


With CreateHK as the Lead Sponsor, the FACP is organised by the HKFDA, and co-organised by the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) with provision of consultation and venue. The two 64-hour SRA Certificate Courses have received overwhelming response and vacancies were fully occupied shortly. A total of 57 practitioners from all sectors of Hong Kong’s fashion industry, including academics, fashion designers, founders of fashion brands, novice designers, bespoke craftsmen, etc., participated in the Master Programmes. Selected Hong Kong residents are further entitled to a 90% subsidy of the full course fee under CreateHK’s sponsorship so that more eligible local fashion practitioners can unleash their potential.

HKFDA is grateful for the support from CreateHK and all supporting organisations which marks the huge success of all events of the first FACP. The FACP also aspires to engage future advance professional Master Programmes of similar nature, hoping to be further supported by the Hong Kong SAR Government with the mission to raise the Hong Kong fashion industry to a new level.