Organised by the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA), the Fashion Atelier Certificate Programme (FACP) is a series of practical training programmes to be conducted by international top Masters with the aim to foster and broaden the local fashion and creative industries’ awareness and skills, as well as to cultivate current and future generations of fashion creators, thereby raising the Hong Kong fashion design industry to new heights.   


Mission & Vision

Refined and sophisticated technical knowhow are fundamental qualities consistently found in TOP International Fashion Brands, with much emphasis placed on finesse of cut and proportion, together with attention to high quality design details.

To enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a fashion design hub, it is essential for local fashion practitioners to be on par with the leading international design professionals and equip themselves with top of the ladder skills in cutting and craftsmanship for making high quality designs and clothing best in fit, flair and aesthetic styles.